Christina Ricci Explains ‘Upsetting’ Reason She Had ‘No Bond’ With Baby Daughter

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Christina Ricci Explains ‘Upsetting’: Though it could hurt her career, Christina Ricci is being honest about the difficulties of being a working mother.

The former “Charmed” actor recently asked “Ricci” on handling work and family life balancing on her podcast, “Let’s Be Clear,” hosted by Shannen Doherty.

Renowned for her portrayal of “Wednesday” on the “Addams Family,” Ricci recently came clean about her family life. She is married to Mark Hampton and they have a daughter, Cleopatra, who is two years old. Additionally, Ricci has a son, Freddie, who is nine years old, from her former marriage to James Heerdegen.

Ricci told Doherty, “It is tricky.” Having children makes it even more challenging for me, but I try not to let that be the focus. ‘Well, we won’t utilize her [for a project] because it’s so difficult for her because she’s a parent.’ That’s why I don’t want anyone to say that.However, it is quite challenging all at once.

In an interview for her series “Yellowjackets,” Ricci discussed how being away from home as a newborn affected her relationship with Cleopatra.

I used to make the round trip to Vancouver every week for ‘Yellowjackets.’ There was no way she could have known myself. We weren’t close. I was deeply disturbed by that.


Additionally, she discussed the budgetary limitations of taking her family on business trips, especially as a regular on the show.

Ricci tries to incorporate her children whenever she can, even though they don’t enjoy it when she travels (like when she takes Freddie to conventions).

In her reflections on parenthood, Ricci revealed the challenges she endured, especially during her son’s formative years. Nevertheless, she conveyed her appreciation for the supportive co-parenting from her husband, Mark Hampton.

Ricci’s openness about the challenges of working motherhood brings attention to the larger problem of the “motherhood penalty” that numerous women encounter at work, where they could be evaluated or punished for putting their families first.

Working mothers have unique obstacles, and Christina Ricci’s openness to sharing her story helps bring attention to these issues while also highlighting the value of having a supporting partner.

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