Brooke Shields Accepted Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes’ Wedding Invite… On 1 Condition

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Brooke Shields Accepted Tom Cruise: Even though Tom Cruise had criticized Brooke Shields for taking antidepressants in the past, he sent an unexpected invitation to Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s 2006 wedding. As long as she wasn’t seen as “something old,” Shields joked that she would attend the wedding. This was in reference to the custom of giving the bride and groom lucky charms or other symbolic objects to symbolize good fortune on their wedding day. Nevertheless, Holmes made it clear that she desired Shields to procure “something old” for the nuptials.

In her quest to get Holmes the ideal vintage present, Shields came upon a Victorian compact. Celebrities flocked to the wedding at Italy’s Odescalchi Castle, but Cruise’s links to Scientology led to his 2012 divorce from Holmes.

In spite of the intensity of that time, Holmes recalled the kindness of strangers in New York City and the funny times she had while dealing with the scrutiny from the media and her own problems.

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