Beyoncé’s Representative Comes to Her Defense Following Erykah Badu’s Allegations of Style Imitation

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Beyoncé’s Representative Comes to Her Defense: Longtime publicist Yvette Schure has stepped up to defend Beyoncé’s decisions following Erykah Badu’s repeated suggestions that Beyoncé is emulating her style.

Beyoncé sparked the uproar by revealing the rare vinyl cover art for her country-influenced next album, “Cowboy Carter,” on Instagram.

Beyoncé posed nude with long strands of beadwork and a smoking cigar on the album cover.

In the following days, Badu allegedly posted the album art to Instagram Stories with the word “Hmmm,” as reported by People magazine.

Some users on social media speculated that Badu was critical of Beyoncé’s hairdo since Badu had previously worn a style similar to Beyoncé’s look.

In response to HuffPost’s queries, Badu’s representatives took some time to answer.

Beyoncé has been mum about it, but Schure posted a video to Instagram with the title, “She slays,” that featured Beyoncé in various braid styles during her career. Every time, she kills. Whenever. Anytime. We need more credentialed critics.

The Black community has a long history of wearing braids; Schure’s post received praise from her followers who pointed this out.

“Make sure they know who Ms. Yvette is!” one person said. “Stop making excuses and start bringing up facts, ma’am. You didn’t come up with tall hats and beads 🫠,” another person said, while yet another one added, “Come on, now.” Make it known that braids were [Beyoncé’s] trademark style for a while.

Badu sought encouragement from Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z on social media. “Yay, crack a joke. Are you going to hand over control of my body to this woman and her bees? With a laughing emoji, Badu wrote.

So far, Jay-Z has remained mum about Badu’s claims.

Badu has accused Beyoncé of copying her look before. Beyoncé sported a large silver helmet during her Renaissance Tour last year; Badu attributes this look to her own style.

“I suppose I’m everyone’s stylist,” Badu said alongside an Instagram post featuring Beyoncé’s ensemble. “My go-to chrome mirror hat,” Billboard said.

It seems like Badu was taking a shot at Beyoncé when she commented on a photo of the singer wearing the hat and said she was “flattered.”

On March 29, Beyoncé’s “Cowboy Carter” will be available for purchase.

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