Bette Midler Would Love To ‘Talk Some S**t’ On This ‘Real Housewives’ Show: ‘A Dream!’

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Bette Midler Would Love To ‘Talk Some: On Saturday, Bette Midler sparked excitement among fans and producers of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” by expressing her interest in joining the group. The legendary performer announced her interest in appearing on Bravo’s hit reality show on X, the platform that was once Twitter.

In her piece, which she lovingly called “Divine Miss M,” Midler playfully wondered if it was too late for her to join the Real Housewives universe. Even though she had never seen the show before, she was nonetheless excited to participate in the playful banter and, of course, earn some cash. Her enthusiastic message, which included the hashtag #RHOBH, conveyed her eagerness to be a part of the Beverly Hills version of the show.

The suggestion seemed to have Midler’s stamp of approval when Andy Cohen, the show’s executive producer, gave a straightforward but supportive response, implying that the moment had come for her to appear on the Real Housewives series. Bravo’s X account joined in as well, praising the possibility of an interesting crossover and adding fuel to the fire over Midler’s likely participation.

Never one to miss a beat, Midler sent a clever tagline of her own in response to Cohen’s, giving viewers a taste of the show’s potential comedic timing and magnetic presence. With a nod to her legendary performance in the classic film “Beaches,” she suggested a slogan that playfully suggested her debut on the Beverly Hills scene, showcasing her talent for inventive wordplay.

Surprisingly, Midler’s encounters with the Real Housewives have occurred on multiple occasions. Ex-“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks recounted a remarkable experience with Midler in a delightful anecdote that she shared during a 2016 fan Q&A on Page Six’s X account. Reportedly, Midler struck up a discussion with Parks on a flight to New York, even going so far as to joke about “doing her funeral,” illustrating the surprising bonds that can form between famous people from many walks of life.

Many are wondering if the renowned entertainer will be joining the cast of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in any new capacity, and many are eagerly awaiting any news that may come out regarding this possibility.

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