Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals Major Surgery That Made Him ‘A Little Bit More Of A Machine’

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals Major Surgery : In his most recent email, “Arnold’s Pump Club,” Arnold Schwarzenegger disclosed that he had open-heart surgery and a pacemaker implanted just last week.

The legendary “Terminator” actor wrote in his newsletter on how coming out about his surgery went against the grain of his Austrian upbringing, where people generally shied away from talking about health problems. Schwarzenegger, 76, has been open about his family’s struggles with heart disease, including the bicuspid aortic valves that caused his grandmother and mother to pass away.

Schwarzenegger reflected on his past cardiac surgeries and brought up one in 2018 that, despite efforts to keep it noninvasive, ended up requiring open-heart surgery because of an oversight. After his initial open-heart valve replacement in 1997, he embarked on a path with heart surgeries.


The original estimate for the valves’ lifespan was 12–15 years, but I ended up having to replace them after 21 years. The 2018 operation was successful, however a second open-heart procedure was necessary due to an error. It wasn’t until 2020 that the Cleveland Clinic performed a second noninvasive valve replacement.

Schwarzenegger encouraged his readers not to be afraid of their health problems and stressed the significance of having community support, despite the difficulties. Noting that no one should ever feel alone in their battles, he emphasized the importance of solidarity in confronting challenging times.

By recognizing the power of togetherness and encouraging his readers to confront their health issues with fortitude and community support, Schwarzenegger sent a message of solidarity in his weekly sign-off.

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