Anne Hathaway Says She Couldn’t Get A Job Amid ‘Hathahate’ Until Christopher Nolan Called

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Anne Hathaway Says She Couldn’t Get A Job: After receiving criticism for her 2013 Oscar victory for “Les Misérables,” Anne Hathaway credited Christopher Nolan with reviving her Hollywood career.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Hathaway discussed how the negative feedback she received online—what she called the “Hathahate” phenomenon—made it hard for her to land roles because people were scared to work with her. Despite these reservations, Nolan gave Hathaway the part of chief scientist Amelia Brand in his 2014 picture “Interstellar,” which she regards as a significant role for her career.

In reflecting on Nolan’s encouragement, Hathaway conveyed her appreciation, recognizing that his support was crucial in maintaining her professional trajectory. The need for performers to welcome dangers and challenges, rather than run from them, was something she stressed, as was the significance of maintaining resilience when faced with hardship.

Due to the negative reaction she received after winning the Oscar, Hathaway was the target of extensive online criticism, much of it directed at her public character and physical looks. Hathaway overcame obstacles by refusing to allow criticism to limit her creativity or alter her career path.

Hathaway spoke openly about the emotional impact of the criticism in a 2014 interview with Harper’s Bazaar, calling it a “punch in the gut.” But in hindsight, she realized that the ordeal had given her the strength to develop professionally and personally.

In retrospect, Hathaway sees the struggle for what it really was: a formative experience that taught her that hardship can bring about positive change in one’s character and sense of agency. She thinks that facing adversity head-on can make us stronger and more confident in the end, therefore she urges people to welcome uncertainty and difficulty.

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