Andy Cohen Addresses Rumors He’s ‘Sleeping’ With John Mayer Once And For All

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Andy Cohen Addresses Rumors: There have been speculations that Andy Cohen is seeing John Mayer, so he is putting the record straight. In response to the rumors, Cohen told the Hollywood Reporter that his relationship with Mayer is just platonic, despite the fact that they are very close.

Then Cohen went on to say, “I honestly love John Mayer, and he loves me.” It was an expression of his affection. Still, he stressed that their close friendship frequently misleads onlookers into thinking they’re romantically involved, which Cohen categorically refuted, saying, “We are most definitely not” in a relationship.

The talk show presenter made these comments following multiple public displays of adoration for Mayer. Since Mayer and Cohen have openly praised their friendship—which they have called “unlikely” but profoundly meaningful—on SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show,” Cohen has already confessed his love for Mayer.

Since Mayer celebrated Cohen’s 50th birthday with a serenade and posted touching notes on social media, rumors about their close relationship have circulated. Despite the obvious signs of passion between them, Cohen emphasized that their relationship is just platonic, highlighting the strong bond they share as friends rather than romantically involved.

Cohen and Mayer have been very clear that their relationship is based on friendship and mutual admiration, not love, so long as fans and onlookers keep speculating.

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