Al Pacino’s Unconventional Best Picture Announcement Causes Confusion at the Oscars

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Al Pacino’s Unconventional: Al Pacino took an unconventional approach when announcing the Best Picture winner at the Academy Awards on Sunday. Rather than listing all the nominees, he jumped straight to revealing the victor, “Oppenheimer.”

Al Pacino’s Unconventional


During the ceremony’s final moments, Pacino, who was tasked with presenting the last award, acknowledged the lineup of “10 wonderful films” in contention for the Oscar. However, he omitted the customary step of announcing each nominee individually.

“Only one will take the award for Best Picture, and I have to go to the envelope for that, and I will. Here it comes,” Pacino declared as he opened the envelope and revealed the winner. “And my eyes see ‘Oppenheimer.'”

This deviation from the usual procedure stirred a range of reactions among social media users. Some found it amusing, suggesting that Pacino seemed disoriented, questioning the card he received, and then abruptly declaring “Oppenheimer.” Others observed confusion among both Pacino and those associated with the winning movie.

For instance, one user quipped, “Al Pacino was like ‘who gave me this card? Why am I here?? What’s going on? OPPENHEIMER!’” Another shared a GIF of Elizabeth Debicki’s surprised expression at her own SAG Awards win, humorously suggesting the cast of “Oppenheimer” reacted similarly.

Despite the mixed responses, some praised Pacino’s unconventional presentation style, deeming it a fitting conclusion to the award show, labeling it the “perfect ending.”

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