With These Three New Stores, Valentino Vintage Is Increasing Its Global Footprint.

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London, Paris, and Seoul are now part of “the Valentino Vintage circular fashion project,” which is dedicated to the pre-owned items of the luxury label. Each of these major cities now has a store that is part of the project’s global network of vintage fashion addresses. These cities include Milan, Tokyo, New York City, and Los Angeles.

Also, Valentino and the editorial platform 1 Granary have begun a creative collaboration with the goal of increasing the interest of students from around the world in vintage clothing. Seven different design schools from around the world have collaborated on the event. The history of Valentino will be more accessible to students thanks to a donation of archival materials from the company to local educational institutions.

In February of 2022, Valentino Vintage debuted online, and in April, the brand made a limited-time appearance in vintage boutiques around the world. The businesses are well-known for curating the wardrobes of celebrities like rock stars and drag queens throughout the years, and now they are offering Valentino merchandise for resale.

Madame Pauline (Milan), New York Vintage Inc. (New York), Recess (Los Angeles), The Vintage Dress (Tokyo), Plaisir Palace (Paris), Rellik (London), and Janemarch Maison (Seoul) are the seven locations that make up the Valentino Vintage global network.

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