From Princess Diana to Rihanna: The Most Iconic Bags of All Time

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With so many options, deciding which handbags are worth purchasing might be difficult.

Whether looking for a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit or a riot of opposing designs, a great handbag adds the finishing touch. Trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends and decide which bag to buy can feel like waking up after a wild night out. There are numerous bags to choose from, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks to consider before making a purchase (e.g., will it hold all of your essentials? Will it complement your outfit? Will it be used? is it a seasonal trend?).

While fashion trends come and go, certain handbags will never go out of style. These classic designs are as trendy as they were when introduced decades ago.

According to Jennifer Nisan, a personal shopper at Front Row Live, “customers continually return to a Chanel classic.” Nisan locates the most sought-after handbags for her international clientele because she consistently provides exactly what they need. These purses are classic, but you will never find more than a few. Chanel’s management seems to know what they’re doing.

 Iconic Bags

Her personal favorites are the Chanel classic flap and the mini Hermès Kelly. Little purses are my ultimate fave. The smaller the size, the better. “Why do ladies want these classic bags so much?” Fashion, in my view, has no limits and can only bring you happiness. Many individuals will go to great lengths to get these items. Unpacking a new purchase produces a distinct and difficult-to-define experience. Nisan adds, “That thrill never gets old.”

These timeless masterpieces are certain to deliver a return on your investment:

The Chanel 2.55

 Iconic Bags
Photo: Chanel

One of the most prized handbags ever made, the 2.55 gets its name from the month and year of its creation: February 1955. After over seven decades, its popularity doesn’t appear to be receding; if anything, it’s rising. The bag was innovative when introduced because it allowed the user to carry it on their shoulder and keep both hands free. This bag is one of the most famous of all time, and its versatility makes it a true chameleon.

The Louis Vuitton Speedy

 Iconic Bags
Photo: Louis Vuitton

In the 1930s, Louis Vuitton produced the Speedy, a smaller version of the immensely popular Keep-All. Demand surged once it was spotted with Audrey Hepburn. She requested a more compact version of the Speedy 25, and as a consequence, it is now readily available to everyone. 

The Hermès Kelly

 Iconic Bags

During the 1950s, the iconic Hermès Kelly bag rose to prominence when it was photographed in the hands of actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly. Many people thought she wore it over her stomach to hide the fact that she was pregnant. One of the most sought-after and exclusive bags, the bag is now subject to global waitlists.

The Hermès Birkin

 Iconic Bags

In 1984, Jean-Louis Dumas, the executive chairman of Hermès, was sitting next to Jane Birkin on a flight from Paris to London when inspiration struck. Birkin voiced her dissatisfaction at being unable to obtain a good purse when the issue of handbags arose. Almost immediately, Dumas designed a huge handbag that would later become the renowned Birkin. This has a significant waiting list and is highly popular, much like Kelly.

The Gucci Jackie

 Iconic Bags

The Gucci Jackie was first introduced in the 1950s under the name ‘Constance,’ but its name was changed in 1961 after Jackie Kennedy, its biggest admirer, was seldom seen without it. Alessandro Michele has added a tiny version of the Jackie bag to the house’s inventory.

The Lady Dior

 Iconic Bags
Photo: Dior

This bag was introduced in 1994 under the nickname Chouchou. In 1995, Bernadette Chirac, the wife of French president Jacques Chirac, presented the bag to Princess Diana, who immediately fell in love with it and requested it in many colors. In honor of Princess Diana, Dior christened the bag “Lady Dior” when she was seen carrying it multiple times in public, and a new bag emblem was born.

The Dior Saddle bag

 Iconic Bags

The Dior saddle bag was launched on the market by John Galliano in 1999. It was made popular by the film Sex and the City and the stylist Patricia Field. With its reintroduction in 2018, the model’s popularity skyrocketed, and this year, the new tiny Saddle debuted (so cute). This saddle would stand.

Prada Galleria

 Iconic Bags
Photo; PRADA

This design pays homage to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a shopping mall in Milan where the first Prada store opened in 1913. This is the best bag for school or work because it is made of scratch-resistant Saffiano leather and has a simple, stylish design.

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