Unpacking Naomi Pierce’s Billionaire-Chic Mullet on “Succession”

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Vogue recently interviewed the hairstylist behind the iconic haircut from the return of “Succession,” giving us the scoop on how to get the look just right. It’s no surprise that this style has become the haircut of the summer!
In a time when the traditional business suit is on the outs for the younger generation of affluent entrepreneurs, their stylish take on the mullet is suddenly back in the limelight. Naomi Pierce, a high-level executive of Logan Roy’s media empire on the HBO series Succession, has inspired a new wave of billionaire-chic with her eye-catching “power mullet”.

Naomi Pierce’s signature style is a full-bodied mane of honey blonde hair, glossy and cascading down her back, with a daring touch of punk-rock energy that spikes up around her forehead and around the crown of her head. Fans can’t resist its combination of tailored elegance with wild spontaneity. “It looks so expensive,” one commenter observed, praising the way her hair “looks high-end and well put-together, but also with a bit of a wild side.”

In an era dominated by casual wear, Naomi Pierce’s mullet stands out as a statement of achievement and ambition. It’s a look that mischievously straddles the line between traditional notions of success and a youthful sense of power. As one fan observes, “Pierce is a modern throwback — someone who’s at the top of their game but who’s also cool enough to rock a mullet.”

Naomi Pierce’s mullet has become an instant hit with viewers of the show, many of whom are taking inspiration from her daring style. Whether it’s a young tech mogul or a fashionista in training, fans of the show are tapping into Naomi Pierce’s look as a way to express themselves. Her powerful presence demands respect, while her chosen style lets her authentic personality shine through.

The power mullet is back, thanks to Naomi Pierce. It’s an unapologetic mix of business and pleasure, a symbol of ambition and poise. Who knows, chances are you’ll be spotting a few power mullets around town soon!

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