The 11 Biggest Spring Hair Colors of 2023

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Celebrity colorists are predicting the hottest hair shades for the upcoming spring break season.
It’s that time of year again, when the weather starts to warm up, the days grow longer, and hairstylists everywhere are getting excited for the biggest hair colors of the season. As the chilly days of winter turn into the blossoming months of spring, the colors in salons, studios, and bathrooms everywhere will begin to pop with vibrancy, giving us the freshest looks for the upcoming season. So what colors are going to make all the headlines in 2023? Here’s a look at the 11 biggest spring hair colors of the year.

Pastel Purple: Soft, muted shades of purple have been around for a few seasons, but this spring is going to be all about embracing the lavender hues. Whether you choose to keep the trend toned down or turn the volume up, pastel purple makes for an elegant and youthful look.

Cobalt Blue: If your style is bold and daring, be sure to try cobalt blue. As one of the trendier colors of the spring, cobalt blue will turn heads and captivate attention.

Platinum Blonde: For a classic look, you can never go wrong with platinum blonde. It’s a timeless color that will remain in vogue year after year. This spring is no exception, so don’t be afraid to sport this stubborn shade.

Silver Gray: Want something a little more edgy? Silver gray can be unexpected and sophisticated. It’s one of those colors that can work on a variety of skin tones and complexions.

Slate Gray: Although similar to silver gray, slate gray has a more pronounced blue undertone which may make it even more eye-catching.

Rose Gold: If you’re looking for a softer shade, rose gold is a great choice. Combining yellow and pink for a subtle ombré effect, this color creates a rosy look that is soft and romantic.

Soft Brunette: For those who like to keep things natural, soft brunette is the way to go. This warm, chocolate color can give you the natural look you crave, while still making a statement.

Golden Honey: For a beautiful sunny hue, golden honey is your go-to. This golden color will make you look as warm and inviting as the season itself.

Mushroom Blonde: Although slightly more subtle than other colors, mushroom blonde creates an earthy and polished look that’s still fun and flirty.

Baby Blue: Want to make a statement without going overboard? Baby blue can help. It’s beautiful and pastel, so it provides a contrast without being overly dramatic.

Stone Gray: Last but not least, stone gray is the perfect way to make a splash this spring season. This faded steel shade is incredibly vivid and packs a punch of color.

From pastels to bold brights, this spring season is sure to provide plenty of opportunities to make a statement with our hair color. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or something bright and daring, these 11 colors are sure to provide inspiration to emulate the season’s best trends.

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