Clarins skincare heir is looking for her next big acquisition

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Clarins skincare heir is looking: Despite their best efforts, the heirs to the famed Clarins skincare fortune from France were unable to acquire the well-known Aesop brand in Australia from industry behemoth L’Oréal SA. Nevertheless, the Courtin family’s investment vehicle Famille C Participations SAS, which was set up to oversee Clarins’s profits, was brought to light by this undertaking. With this newfound fame in hand, the family is looking to expand their financial portfolio and double their wealth by 2030.

The investment arm has the cash and credit capacity to make two big purchases in the next years, according to Prisca Courtin, who is the head of Famille C and the granddaughter of Clarins’ founder. Taking a long-term view, Courtin said that the family’s goal for 2026 is to find new beauty brands to add to their current portfolio, with an emphasis on investing in companies and founders who appeal to younger generations.

Since its inception in 2018, Famille C has amassed an extensive portfolio that includes high-end hotels, technology enterprises, and cosmetics. Courtin would not reveal the firm’s present holdings size or performance, but she did emphasize the family’s dedication to having influence over the firms they invest in.

Famille C has four cosmetics brands under its umbrella, including ILIA and Pai, which together generate over €160 million in yearly sales. The cosmetics division will continue to be an important part of the family’s business, and they plan to use Clarins’ knowledge of R&D and regulatory hurdles to help their cosmetics businesses succeed.

In addition to its skincare-related holdings, Famille C has investments in twelve digital firms that focus on sustainable dye production and 3D product modeling. An important development is the recent €130 million investment in Pierre Bastid’s luxury hotel chain, Evok Collection, by the investment arm, marking an entry into the hospitality industry.

The family’s surprising foray into high-end hotel operations was the result of their dedication to innovation and diversification, according to Prisca Courtin, who is also chairwoman of the Clarins supervisory board. This decision, which was made as a result of a spa project partnership with Evok, showcases Famille C’s flexibility to adapt and pursue opportunities for investment that go beyond their original scope.

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