Natura & Co-owned fund Fable Investments invests in Eadem

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On Wednesday, Fable Investments, a venture capital fund managed by Natura & Co., made a significant announcement regarding its latest investment in Eadem, which specializes in beauty products tailored for individuals of color. While the specific terms of the deal were not disclosed, Fable Investments expressed its enthusiasm for partnering with Eadem, highlighting the brand’s commitment to empowering bare-skin confidence and celebrating heritage within the beauty industry.

In a LinkedIn post, Fable Investments shared its excitement about the investment, emphasizing Eadem’s focus on serving communities with melanin-rich skin. The brand has gained recognition for its debut at Sephora US, where it has made a notable impact with its innovative skincare solutions.

Founded in May 2021 by Marie Kouadio Amouzame and Alice (Lin) Glover, Eadem has quickly emerged as a frontrunner in addressing the specific skincare needs of people of color. The brand’s product range, including the Milk Marvel Dark Spot Serum, has been carefully formulated to target concerns such as hyperpigmentation, offering practical solutions tailored to diverse skin tones.

In addition to its flagship product, Eadem has expanded its offerings to include the Cashmere Peel, a toner infused with exfoliating AHA and PHA, and the Cloud Cushion brightening moisturizer, further catering to the unique skincare needs of its customer base.

Fable Investments admires Eadem’s dedication to product excellence and advancing diversity within the beauty industry. The investment firm highlights Marie Kouadio Amouzame, Alice (Lin) Glover, and their team’s inspiring work in driving positive change and progress.

Eadem’s inclusion in Sephora’s accelerator program in 2021 further underscores the brand’s growing influence and recognition within the beauty community. As Eadem continues to expand its reach and impact, Fable Investments looks forward to supporting the brand’s journey and contributing to its continued success in championing inclusivity and empowerment within the beauty landscape.

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