Kate Hudson’s 15-Second Beauty Routine Calls on This Eye Cream Shoppers Call “Magic”

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Kate Hudson’s 15-Second Beauty Routine: The objective is to have adequate sleep, although achieving this goal is not always simple. Adding to this is the reality that obtaining enough sleep isn’t really enough; rather, getting enough quality sleep is essential if you want to wake up feeling refreshed, with glowing skin and no bags under your eyes, and feeling ready to take on the day. Although it’s not always feasible, Kate Hudson offers several tips to make it appear as though you slept for eight hours: caffeine, though perhaps not in the way you might expect.

Yes, it’s as fascinating as it sounds. Hudson shared her quick 15-second morning skincare routine on TikTok. The actress can be seen applying a carefully chosen range of products to her face in the short video. These products include a serum, Symbiome’s The One Cream, Ilia’s Lip Wrap Overnight Treatment (which she actually uses in the morning), and last but not least, a secretive eye cream with caffeine that claims to reduce puffiness and give you a zombie-like appearance. It sounds magical, doesn’t it? Customers appear to agree.


The concerned eye cream is from the obscure 100% Pure line. I say “under-the-radar” because, to be honest, I was unaware of the brand until Hudson posted a picture of the depuffing product on her TikTok last month. I’m pleased she did, though, because I’ve been looking for an effective eye cream.

Fortunately, the Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream looks to be really effective; in addition to rosehip oil for additional hydration, vitamin E to combat free radicals, and vitamin C to boost collagen, it has a caffeine-focused recipe that is truly amazing.

With only a few dabs beneath the eyes, this cream, which also contains aloe and rose hydrosol, claims to firm, invigorate, and de-puff skin. TL;DR? Bright-looking, firm, dewy peepers that will fool anyone into thinking you got eight hours of sleep (even though you didn’t!) will replace droopy under-eye bags.

Numerous Amazon customers have posted positive reviews, one of which claims that the 100% Pure beauty purchase is “the best cream out there” for both forehead wrinkles and under-eye bags. “After applying this, I wake up with less puffiness under my eyes and a more relaxed, less wrinkled forehead,” the user remarked.

One reviewer who has twin toddlers and doesn’t get much sleep went so far as to call the cream “some kind of magic.” Another reviewer stated they’ve been using it for 15 years, which is definitely not nothing! They said, “I’ve used it for a couple of days now and noticed an immediate difference,” adding that the firmness and vibrancy of their undereyes had improved along with the disappearance of the bothersome darkness.

Are you prepared to appear more alert and wide-eyed, even on your worst days? Likewise. See the full-sized version of the eye cream that Hudson uses, along with a choice that is approved for micro purses and further recommendations from Hudson, below.


100% PURE Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream


Together with aloe and rose hydrosol, this cream promises to stimulate, firm, and de-puff skin with just a few dabs under the eyes. TL;DR? Say bye to droopy under-eye bags, and hello to bright-looking, firm, dewy peepers that’ll make anyone believe you clocked in eight-hours of sleep (when you didn’t!).

Amazon shoppers have left rave reviews, with one noting that the 100% Pure beauty buy is “the best cream out there,” not only for under-eye bags but for forehead wrinkles, too. “My under-eyes are less puffy in the morning when I’ve put this on and my forehead is less creased and more relaxed,” they wrote.

Another reviewer said that they’ve used the cream for 15 years (that’s certainly not nothing!), while one who has twin toddlers and doesn’t get much sleep went so far as to say it’s “some kind of magic.” They wrote, “I’ve used it for a couple of days now and noticed an immediate difference,” noting that their under-eyes are firmer and more vibrant now that their pesky darkness has faded, too.

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