This Hair Oil Loved by Charlize Theron, Restores Youthful Shine, According to 60-Year-Old Customers

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This Hair Oil Loved by Charlize Theron: Even though I have lost interest in the Oscars in previous years, there was something more alluring about the 96th Academy Awards this year. The anticipation of seeing which performers and films would win the much-coveted honours had me completely absorbed (the performances of my personal favourites, The Zone of Interest, Oppenheimer, and Poor Things, were excellent). Additionally, the lavish, gorgeous apparel that decorated the red carpet was impressive—something that occasionally fails in other years—and the beauty looks were equally impressive. One celebrity that stood out was Charlize Theron, whose stunning diamonds were expertly matched with a sleek, low bun made possible by Olaplex.

Known for being the preferred hair care brand for A-listers, Olaplex was spotted on Theron’s hair at the 2024 Oscars along with Margot Robbie, Emma Stone, and Kirsten Dunst. Renato Campora, the renowned hairstylist responsible for Theron’s flawless look, used six Olaplex products, praising the No. 7 Bonding Oil in particular—a commendation I also hold as a new convert to Olaplex products.

Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil is praised by Campora for its lightweight, hydrating product that works as a leave-in conditioner, style tool, and heat protectant all in one. Fundamental to its component list is the brand’s exclusive bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, a bond-repairing substance that repairs split, broken, and damaged strands while protecting hair from frizz, heat damage, and environmental aggressors.

Olaplex’s $30 No. 7 Bonding Oil has over 38,000 five-star ratings and is considered nothing short of amazing. A happy 60-year-old client who had “brittle” hair attests that it gave their strands a more youthful sheen again. Another reviewer discusses how the No. 7 Bonding Oil helped them stop their hair from falling out after COVID-19; they noticed a noticeable decrease in hair shedding as well as a newfound lustre and smoothness in their hair.

If Charlize Theron’s glitzy appearance piques your interest, Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil, a mainstay of her hair care routine, is available on Amazon. Discover more about the items that were utilised to attain the star’s amazing appearance and dive into her beauty secrets below.

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