Gigi Hadid Just Chopped Off All of Her Hair

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Gigi Hadid Just Chopped: Gigi Hadid has said goodbye to her recognisable long hair! The supermodel stunned her followers on Instagram by shaving off her waist-length blonde waves and sporting a stylish chin-length hairstyle. In a video titled “Dinner and a chop,” Gigi demonstrated the procedure, which famous hairstylist Chris McMillan skillfully carried out.

The clip, which is set to Loretta Lynn’s “Act Naturally,” shows McMillan expertly cutting Gigi’s damp hair just below her neck, leaving mounds of her previous mane on the salon floor afterwards. The moment of revelation arrived when Gigi was standing in front of the mirror, dressed in all-black knickers and bralettes. Her blonde hair was styled back and gave off a natural, textured feeling that perfectly framed her makeup-free face.

Thanks to hair stylist Laura Polko, Gigi’s new look was showcased on McMillan’s Instagram. The slideshow featured Gigi with her bob in a variety of looks that emphasised her chic yet carefree sense of style. Gigi looked stunning in everything from a bright yellow bikini top with layers of seashell necklaces and a cream sweater to a comfortable grey knit polo. She complemented her sharp cut with air-dried curls and a radiant makeup look that included rosy cheeks and a delicate pinky-nude pout.

Undoubtedly, Gigi Hadid’s daring hairstyle change has captured the at


tention of her followers and cemented her place as a style star.

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