Cute Manicure ideas for Valentine’s day

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Valentine’s Day is the ideal occasion to be artistic and explore some of the newest nail art trends if you enjoy any chance to spice up your winter manicure. There is no better day than February 14 to wear daring, romantic beauty looks to go with your Valentine’s Day outfit (even if you’re staying in), whether you’re celebrating the love-filled holiday with a date night spent with your significant other, a Galentine’s Day gift exchange, or a fun solo activity. In our opinion, they may even be superior to flowers and chocolate.

Or perhaps you have a packed schedule this year and find that the simplest way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to get a lovely manicure whenever you have a spare moment throughout the week, in between work, personal appointments, and the kids’ weekend sporting events. You may still intentionally celebrate yourself even if you are currently in a “single” relationship because you deserve it! Having a good time but lacking motivation? The colourful, creative options listed below are certain to pique your interest.

In order to let your nails do all the flirting, instead of opting for a plain nude DIY manicure, we found the cutest Valentine’s Day nail ideas that go well with both light and dark skin tones. These ideas range from Pinterest-worthy options to glitter polish, gold nail stickers, negative space designs, and everything in between. Let’s go, let’s go!

Street Art



These colourful nails, which are decorated with hand-drawn Xs, Os, and hearts, resemble Valentine’s Day graffiti.

Making a Statement



Design stamps in the form of hearts can add a touch of whimsy to traditional red nails.

Sweet Stripes



This lovely graduated manicure in three tones of pink and red has a delicious appearance that rivals the most decadent holiday treats.

Alluring Hearts



Make a statement this Valentine’s Day by using a holographic base coat.

A Little Kiss



Consider a more subtle nod to the holiday for nails that won’t look outdated come February 15. With a wink and a kiss, these nails have a colour that goes with everything.

Color Me French



Instead of using white nail polish on the tips, give your French manicure a twist by applying a coat of vibrant red polish.

Moody and Geometric



Try this contemporary geometric manicure if your signature style is more understated than the traditional Valentine’s Day colours.

Half Moon



Swap a straightforward red for a deep pink polish, then add a subtle half moon to make the look even more distinctive.

Dramatize it



Is there anything more eye-catching than these sparkling hearts made of rhinestones?

red with a gold accent



An elegant crimson nail with a white accent nail is a simple choice if you’re in the mood for nail art.

Hearts on Hearts



Pure pink and red are the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Transparent Accents



Which is better, the adorable little hearts or the accent nail with the stencil?

Princess of Hearts



Consider applying this whimsical spin on the traditional  playing card design to your nails.




Try out several nail designs to have fun with each one. On one, you may draw a heart half moon, several hearts, or just a plain red glitter pattern on another.




Spell out the word “love” in all capital letters to send a powerful message.

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