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Beautycounter launches: The well-known advocate for safer cosmetics, Beautycounter, is branching out into new fragrance territory with the launch of Clean Eau de Parfum.

Beautycounter has always advocated for more openness in the cosmetics industry and provided customers with safer choices. The brand and its community have played a significant role in the passing of sixteen clean beauty legislation at the state and federal levels in the last ten years.

The “fragrance loophole,” a legal provision that has been in place since the 1970s and permits firms to conceal potentially dangerous substances under imprecise names like “fragrance” or “parfum,” is one of the major challenges that Beautycounter intends to address.

A new line of Clean Eau de Parfum fragrances from Beautycounter has been tested extensively across 23 environmental and health parameters in an effort to address this problem. This line is perfect for those with sensitive skin because it is completely transparent about its ingredients and has earned certifications like EWG Verified and Leaping Bunny.

Miles Away, Sun Spill, Hyper Rose, Second Skin, and Pacific Dreams are the five unique scents that make their debut in the Clean Eau de Parfum collection.

As Gregg Renfrew, founder and chief executive officer of beautycounter, put it, “I think it is our right and our responsibility to give people safer solutions that they are confident wearing.” This highlights the significance of Offering safer alternatives. Launching a range of exquisite fragrances that have been safety-tested is an important step for Renfrew in maintaining its mission to lead the fragrance business in innovation while protecting customers’ health.

In May, Beautycounter intends to rally its community to lobby lawmakers in Washington D.C. for new legislation. Increased supply chain transparency, the prohibition of dangerous substances, and more severe safety standards are all parts of Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s Safer Beauty Bill package, which the company hopes to back. The bill fills important holes in current legislation.

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