Beauty in Its Many Forms

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Beauty is all around us – in nature, in culture, in art and even in the written word. It can take on many forms, so it’s no surprise that each of us has our own unique definition of it. From the awe-inspiring grandeur of a mountain range, to the simple whisper of a songbird’s call, beauty can be found in countless places. In this article, we’ll explore beauty in its many forms and how it enriches our lives.

1. The Varied Nature of Beauty

Beauty is a concept that is interpreted differently by different people. To some it lies in the striking curves of a sculpture, to others its found in the diverse spectrum of hues of a rainbow.

For some, admiration of beauty is derived from the shape of a mountain and its majestic view, while others find beauty within the contours of a human face. It could be a meandering river, or a quiet serene lake. Whatever it is, beauty has no fixed meaning, it comes in many forms:

  • Visual beauty, such as in art and architecture
  • Auditory beauty, such as in music and speech
  • Aesthetic beauty, such as in nature and design
  • The beauty of the soul, such as in thoughts and emotions

No matter what form beauty takes, it is a ubiquitous entity that influences us every day. From noticing a flower in full bloom to looking at a masterpiece of a painting, beauty is everywhere, each manifestation imparting its own unique bounteousness.

2. Appreciating Beauty As A Whole

Beauty can be found everywhere, from the gentle curve of a bird’s wings in flight to the smile of a contented baby. As humanity continues to strive forward, finding beauty in the small corner of the world can bring new perspectives and a newfound appreciation for the entirety of the universe.

To best experience the sacred beauty of the world, one must first take the time to open their eyes. As the world comes into focus, take pleasure in the colors that make up its natural landscape. Experience the colors in both the sunrise and the sunset, the painted purple freesias and pure white lilies. All this magnificence has been around for many years and will continue to be to delight and inspire.

  • Practice mindfulness – appreciate the world’s beauty with a deep, conscious awareness.
  • Capture it with photography – take photographs to preserve special moments of beauty in time.
  • Look beyond the surface – admire the unseen beauty that lies within a person or place.

3. Celebrating the Beauty of Differences

Across our society, there is an amazing range of diversity – each person unique in their own way. It is important to celebrate the beauty of our differences, both in our physical characteristics and in the attributes and beliefs that contribute to who we are.

  • Physical Appearance – Everybody is blessed with their own individual features ranging from skin colour, features, to heights and body type. It is these features that can contribute to self-esteem and confidence and it is important to celebrate them.
  • Beliefs – Our beliefs and opinions are important to who we are and there is beauty in the variety of all of the ideas that exist in our society. The world would be a much more boring place if we were all the same in our beliefs.

Differences are what make us human and it is important to embrace and respect those differences rather than judge and criticize. Remembering to celebrate the beauty in our own and other’s differences can be a powerful thing!

4. Reveling in the Diversity and Splendor of Beauty

The Multitude of Forms

There is no shortage of diversity in the beauty that surrounds us. Through experience, art, and design we explore the myriad forms that make us marvel at the universes within every living thing. From the delicate petals of a flower to the intense horizon of a mountain range, beauty can manifest in many ways.

Follow a dragonfly as it flits about on lazy afternoons or observe a coral reef filled with a thousand colors. Savor in the smells of sweet honeysuckle and strong pine. Listen to the call of the loons, or the powerful rumble of a waterfall. Dive deep into the depths of a new culture, people and celebrations. Revel in the diversity and splendor of beauty, for it will never cease to amaze.

The Conquering of Barrier

The differences between all of these displays of beauty can be overwhelming; they often ask us to cross boundaries to understand and appreciate them. Meaningful engagement with beauty transcends differences in language, culture, and location – connecting us to something far larger and stronger than ourselves. Acknowledge the struggle and battle through the confusion, because it is here that we are prepared to face the world with appreciation and understanding.

Beauty can help break through rigid structures and boundaries, with reminders of common topics and themes that span across oceans and continents and link us to the same shared beauty. These images, scents, and sounds are a source of comfort for those seeking to navigate divergent worlds and strengthen the bonds of humanity. They offer us a safe place to expand our horizons, indulge our senses, and soak in the world’s diversity. Beauty has many shapes, sizes and hues, and manifests itself in a thousand different ways. Some of these ways might be visible and tangible, but others still may be intangible, raw and undefinable. Despite the indisputable diversity of the concept of beauty, it is essential to remember that beauty is indeed everywhere, no matter how deep we look or how hard we search. Through beauty, we can instill each moment of our lives with hope, optimism and love — no matter which form it takes.

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