Are there any emerging male beauty icons who are challenging the conventional wisdom of skincare?

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Some prominent men in the beauty industry are leading the charge to dismantle outdated notions of masculinity in the fashion and beauty industries. It would appear that Paul Rudd and Harry Styles are two of the most well-liked.

Humanery’s analysts assessed a hundred male celebrities using Google data analysis to identify which ones have the most impact on men’s beauty regimens. According to the men’s skincare e-commerce company, the best ski influencers in the world are Paul Rudd and Harry Styles, two very different men from very different generations.

The American actor Paul Rudd, who was born in 1969, ranks top, with an average of 8,400 annual searches that include the word “skincare.”

According to the Humanery ranking, modern masculinity is more accepting of diversity in terms of age, body shape, and country of origin.

Second on the list is Harry Styles (8,400 searches), who has spent the past three years challenging conventional wisdom in the fashion industry and who has recently debuted a gender-neutral line of cosmetics. After him come the British-American actor Andrew Garfield (4,800 searches) and the newly 50-year-old Idris Elba of Britain. The range of skinfluence is shown in the inclusion of David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, John Legend, and Brad Pitt in the top 10.

“Our Google study shows that, apart from having great skin, there isn’t one preferred ‘type’ of male celebrity skin influencer. There is a real mix of ages, skin colours and professions, all encouraging men to up their skincare game. More guys have needed to start caring for their skin for years, so it’s great to see celebrities playing a role in getting the word out “The Humanery skincare guru Thomas Watson adds.

Furthermore, the study found that within the last three months, interest in topics related to “men’s skin care” has increased by a whopping 124%.

There have been a number of high-profile individuals who have tried to capitalise on the changing definitions of masculinity by starting their own cosmetics lines in recent years. And then there’s Harry Styles and his line of gender-neutral cosmetics, Machine Gun Pleasing, which features skincare and makeup. Kelly, with her UN/DN LAQR line of nail polish, and Tyler, The Creator, with his Golf Le Fleur collection of fragrances and nail polish.


Based on the names of men who were mentioned in news stories titled “age defying celebs” and “hottest celebrities,” Humanery came up with a list of over a hundred famous people. Then, we looked at the celebrity names in Google Keyword Planner to see how often people looked for [celebrity] + [skincare] during the past year. This information is current as of February 2023.

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