Aesop: Inside the creative skincare brand’s Parisian office

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Aesop Inside the creative skincare: An unprecedented look inside the Parisian office of the Australian skincare firm Aesop—now owned by the L’Oréal group—was granted to in celebration of the launch of its newest product, the Immaculate Facial Tonic. Hydration and exfoliation are two of the skin care benefits promised by this vitamin-enriched tonic. With a tasteful interior design and a prime location in the 11th arrondissement, Aesop’s Paris office has been welcoming 30 employees in marketing, sales, and product design for a little over a year.

The simple packaging and unique store designs of Aesop, marked by raw materials and geometric aesthetics, have gained praise for the revolutionary products that feature plant-based ingredients. Its Parisian workplace echoes these ideas with its minimalist, geometrically-shaped, and orderly decor.

Aesop Inside the creative skincare

Inside Aesop’s Paris office – FNW

The worldwide creative director of Aesop, Ai Kato, stresses the need of a neutral space that encourages creativity. She points out that Aesop puts a lot of money into its in-house creative team, which includes architects, content writers, and artistic directors, in order to encourage innovation and creativity. Kato stresses the importance of teamwork in the creative process by describing how her drawings have influenced the creation of fragrances and other products.

The interior design of Aesop stores worldwide is overseen by two architects, Marianne Lardilleux and Jean-Philippe Bonnefoi, who work out of the Paris headquarters. The retail footprint of Aesop is constantly growing around the world, with 300 locations now open and 50 more in the works. According to Lardilleux and Bonnefoi, every Aesop store is special since it is designed to fit in with its own neighbourhood. They go into detail about how the architectural details, such as the strategically placed basins that invite users to engage with the product’s sensory qualities, were carefully considered to improve the customer experience.

Aesop Inside the creative skincare

The Aesop store in rue de Sèvres, Paris – Aesop

Private skincare consultation areas are now standard at Aesop stores, which are designed with an emphasis on collaborations with craftspeople and artists. Bonnefoi talks about how Aesop’s dedication to the prestige perfume industry is reflected in the brand’s innovative display of fragrances.

The employees at Aesop claim that their work ethic has not altered since the company was acquired by L’Oréal. As far as L’Oréal is concerned, Aesop’s creative independence and dedication to quality are both affirmed by Bonnefoi and Lardilleux. This feeling highlights how well Aesop fits into L’Oréal’s high-end cosmetics segment, where it now stands alongside Lancôme and Yves Saint Laurent.

L’Oréal reached a new high with the acquisition of Aesop a year ago; the combined worth of the two companies was more than $2.5 billion. In 2022, Aesop’s revenue was €537 million, because to its inclusion in L’Oréal’s luxury beauty portfolio. This shows that Aesop is still doing well under its new ownership.

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